As a trusted Epicor service provider, Tekro has helped many company's experience the full potential of this powerful ERP system. From the initial design and site preparation to ongoing support, we have the answers to the questions.  The manufacturing process can be tuned to produce desired results.

Business solutions, custom developed, to provide each company the full potential of the Epicor software. Solutions developed and deployed by experienced IT professionals.

A wide variety of customizations are available for immediate deployment.  A dedicated  software consulting team, that is on your side, is just a phone call away.


Ready to Deploy Customization - Listed at Right with Screen Shots

 Leverage our inventory of customization work to get up and running quickly and cost effectively. These are not minor enhancements but represent a substantial investment of resources and time to create. We can offer them at attractive price points.

 Additional Ready to Deploy Customizations include:

 - MES Time Clock Adaptation

A redesign of the standard MES form. Designed is geared towards using MES as a Time Clock entry.Simplified design has only basic buttons such as Clock In and Clock Out. Customization behind the  form will Auto Login and Auto Logout employees, as well as Auto Shift Select.

 - MES Clock IN/OUT Time Exceptions Email Alert

Email Alert system informs management of employees the Log into MES at predetermined time points. Examples of Time Points include X Minutes Before or After Shift Start, X minutes Before of After Shift End. Allows management to document employees work habits for either reprimand or reward.

 - Part Number Generator

Customization to the Part Maintenance form which utilizes dropdowns that contain prefilled selections to build a Part Number. The Part Number consists of predefined sections that represent specifics to the Part.   ie.. Part Type, Diameter, Length, Hardness, Material, etc..

 - Bar Code Labeling , Hand Held Device Integration

Utilize the Epicor Integrated Bartender application in the Print function on Epicor Forms. Generating simple to multi-layered printed Barcodes as Labels derived from pertinent stored information. These Barcodes can then further be utilized on mailing labels, part information labels, or internally applied labels by internal or external staff equipped with Hand Held Scanners to automate inventory, accounting, and shop floor location functions.

 - Epicor Configurator Integration

Custom Software Developement of Applications that support Front End Data Entry and Order Web Sites. Automating the process of input of Part information and correct generation of Epicor data modified to customer specifications.

Technical Questions can be sent to the Developer - mjeric@Tekro.com .